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About the School

Centro Italiano Assistenza Scolastica e Sociale

CIASS, an incorporated association established to promote Italian language and culture, was formed in 1980 as part of the Northern Territory`s language program. Anna Sacilotto, Joe De Luca, Diana Maddalozzo and Dr Alcibiade Comar were the founding members of the Comitato Italiano Assistenza Scolastica (CIAS). This CIAS committee assisted with the advice of Michael Di Lembo (then an adviser with the NT Department of Education). iT had over 2,500 students learning Italian language and culture at regular weekly classes in Darwin. A name change was made on 14 June 1985 in order to expand the organisation’s objectives and as a result changed to CIASS, (Centro  Italiano Assistenza Scolastica & Sociale): the Italian Language and Cultural Centre. The new CIASS building was completed by the committee in 2003 and is located on a separate parcel of land at the rear of the Italian House, Abala Road Marrara. The organisation aims to enhance cultural development and provides a resource base to educate, unite and assist to enrich the lifestyle of the Italian community focussing on the youth and the elderly.

In pursuit of its aims, CIASS works towards the following objectives and strategies:

  1. Cultural development and maintenance classes for both young children and adults, including the Tarantella Group.
  2. Welfare and diplomatic services to the Italian community. A number of pensioner workshops and passport renewal services have been facilitated by the organisation.
  3. Cultural exchange and a meeting venue focusing on aged and frail members of the Italian community. The Italian Seniors regularly meet at the CIASS premises as a way of enhancing and maintaining their cultural heritage.
  4. Facilities that assist the Darwin Italian Radio Broadcasting Group producing the Italian radio program.
  5. A resource centre to provide support, development and the distribution of information to the Italian community on a range of matters including: employment, education, training, welfare, community development and leadership.



The Italian NT Portal is the door to anything relating to our Italian Community within the Northern Territory of Australia.

From our beloved Italian Club House located in Darwin, to our now famous biennial Italian Festival, to our local Italian School, you will find everything you need to know about us.

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